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An absurdist comedy theatre production (director, 2017)

The production is an absurdist comedy that follows the story of two brothers and their consciousness and inability to break their status quo it also features the occasional visit of Mexicans, giant cats, pen dragons and of course… and like all contemporary theatre pieces a political statement.
The productions cumulated in a six weeks process where the creation and destruction of the theatrical artifice was investigated in relation to the sitcom status quo structure with references to Andy Kaufman testimonials and performances.

Directed by João Maia
Devised and performed by Haffi Unnarsson and Toby Pritchard
Percussion: Tom King
Technical Manager: Michael Cunningham
Production Stage Manager: Charlie West
Stage Manager: Thomas Webb
Assistant Stage Management: Yanik Dijksta, Liv Ellis, Lucy Fawthrop
Head of Lighting: Sam Woolass
Lighting Designer: Sean Beckkett
Lighting Operator: Harry Guest
Head of Sound: Alex Tift
Sound Designer: Chris Walker

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