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Latest feature film credits include the role of Austin Biggs in “The One Survivor of Conifer” and Felix in “Limerence”



Writer of the feature film “The One Survivor of Conifer” and the comedy short film “Mark´s Time Machine”

Film Work



Shooting on the 1st blocked completed! Synopsis hasn´t yet been made public.   Director: Ilze…

The One Survivor of Conifer


Survival is tough when you think you're the last person on Earth. From getting food,…



  A subversive love story set around the university social structure. Plot Summary Benito, our…


Theatre Work

Mr Dwayne

Three office workers are stuck in a non-descript desk job. They live in constant fear…

How to Wash your Dishes While Caressing Your Bust

An absurdist comedy theatre production (director, 2017) The production is an absurdist comedy that follows…

The Peoples Revolt

The gates to the Tower of London are locked; those inside must answer to us…


The Annual Celebration of Literary Icons : WORLD BOOK DAY CELEBRATION
March 4, 2021

Happy  World Book Day!!!! To celebrate here´s a short piece I wrote titled: The Annual Celebration of Literary Icons   Wade Watts was deep in the OASIS,…

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BBC Radio 6: Last day to Listen to “Mocha Love”
January 12, 2021

In 2019, I was invited to be part of "Mocha Love", a radio musical comedy piece. "Mocha Love" is about reaching for the stars and landing on…

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October 6, 2020

This is the first time I have been part of a short film that has been screened in Canada. I have always wanted to visit Canada. I…

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If someone wants to really flatter me and be complimentary, they could call me an absurdist and a surrealist.
-Andy Kaufman

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