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An interactive science-fiction concert-installation directed by Anna Makrzanowska.

An interactive science-fiction concert-installation of 37 performers, guided by the audio for 45 participants, called trippers. A Gig A Byte is a gig theatre performance devised by the ensemble under the direction of Anna Makrzanowska.

Passengers were invited aboard a bizarre space ship to learn more about how abandoning sleep forever could help them lead a more fruitful life.

“You are here, in not a very well-known land of the MC human, whose skills and knowledge allowing him to invent 365 objects and devices each year. People call him master. 
All of master’s inventions network with each other in so-called: community of the united objects. The MC-human is using the united objects to constantly upgrade the operational system in his research field. Today is the day, when the master is inventing the cybermachine to experiment with the free motion. Yes, you’ve heard me well: THE FREE MOTION.”


Role: Porcupine (Performer-deviser)
Director: Anna Makrzanowska
Sound Design: Ben Freer, Brad Rushmer
Lighting Design: Jack Holloway, Ashley Holdom



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