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Johnny Maya: Award Winning Actor

Johnny Maya: Award Winning Actor

I am an award winning actor. 

Hahaha! Isn´t that a silly headline to my casual writing? It took me a while to write this article because it took me a while to process it.

The film that got me this laurel was “The One Survivor of Conifer” my debut feature film where I had a chance to play a lead. It was one of the biggest challenges of my career, from the preparation to the long hours and quick turn around. It was an intense process and when it finished, it never felt real.

Seeing the film projected on a screen was such a special moment because I could palpably see our work.

Then it was time to go and share it with everyone and do the festival circuit but a little thing called Covid-19 completely changed our distribution plan and a long waiting ever-changing game started.


We have a new plan and we are ready to submit the work to film festivals.

One of our first submissions was the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, and… (THIS IS SO EXCITING)

We were awarded three times:

Obviously receiving awards is a really lovely pat on the back that helps anyone´s ego but for me what´s really special is knowing that someone watched and enjoyed our work.

Writing this blog feels quite special and I am so happy to be sharing this moment with you.

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