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JUMPCUT online has reviewed “The One Survivor of Conifer” !!!! 


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected film productions around the globe. Unfortunately, “The One Survivor of Conifer” was no exception. A new release strategy is currently being worked on.


Setting all the adversities aside, it´s amazing to get reviewed by JUMPCUT. This is an incredible milestone for this production that all the team is grateful for.


I even got a personal mention in the review:


“Johnny Maya is the only on-screen actor in this feature, meaning the audience’s interest and attention rests almost entirely on his shoulders. Maya does an excellent job of depicting a man attempting to deal with the loneliness that comes with being the last person on Earth. As we witness his mental wellbeing deteriorate with each passing day, Maya continuously and effortlessly steps up his performance.”


Thank you so much to Tom Sheffield for reviewing it.

Read the full review:


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