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Busy Spring

Busy Spring

After concluding a long-term contract working has a host, it was great to be able to jump in and collaborate on the short film Me and You. Where I played a young vulnerable character “Jack“, who is trying to understand his place on society.

In the months that follow I got contracted to do a variety of screen work from Online, Webseries, Short films and even had a chance to go back to hosting but this time on a multimedia format. Most of these productions were filmed in London but there were some occasional exceptions. And those, allowed me to do a bit of travelling and meet new places. I traveled to Birmingham, Cambridge, Salisbury. It´s hard to say which one I enjoyed the most. It just felt great to do some shooting in astonishing locations. All of them were unique but they all had something in common that really impressed me. They all had wide range monumental buildings conserved in perfect conditions from Cathedrals to mediaeval town square. Every single one of these and obviously a very different pace to London. If you have a chance to go to any of this places , GO FOR IT! It was also quite interesting to experience how different our work is perceived.

I am really happy that I got a chance to worked with so many different crews and I got to meet so many interesting people from all paths of life.

I will try to write more articles about which one of these works.

BUT NOW…. Here is to an exciting work summer season!

Next off the screening at BFI of the short Divided directed by Daniell Smith.

My most recent work…

2018 ANDRIJA / Film (Short) / Divided /Daniell Smith
2018 Trainee Doctor / Online / My Australia Story / Little DragonFilms
2018 Host / Web-Series / Terror Drill Pilot / Yunling Yu
2018 Interviewed Student / Online / Student Concerns / Ideal Insight
2018 Duckie / Film (Short) / Pretty in Pink Tribute / Tommy Shackles
2018 Brian Langley / Web-Series / Dead Ends / Brumtown Collective
2018 Museum Worker / Film (Student) / Influence /Marina Fistal
2018 Director Fernando / Film (Student) / Cake /Bailey Matlock

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