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Me And You By Lorenzo Fedon

Me and You by Lorenzo Fedon

ME AND YOU is a surreal, independent, drama short film depicting the struggle of a young man, JACK, who is about to drown under the pressure of the people around him as he becomes an adult. Only by getting in touch with his SOUL will he find the power and the determination to face his future.

The short film was directed by the visionary director Lorenzo Fedon and it features Johnny Maya as JACK. The independent production counted with the work of Max Mir has executive producer. With a highly motivated and professional crew the filming started on late March and finished on early April. After the final cut, ME AND YOU is expected to tour the U.K. and the world in various film festivals.

Wanna know more about the deveploments of the short film and where it is heading next?

Facebook – @themeandyouindiefilm

Instagram @meandyouindiefilm

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